15 Things to Do This Holiday Season Instead of Overspending on Wireless

The time of year is quickly approaching when people gather in the spirit of gift-giving, get time off work, and enjoy the cool weather. Well, unless you’re in Australia where it’s summer. But if you’re not in Australia mate, you might be wondering what to do to get in the holiday spirit.

1. Write An Email To Santa

We know this rather robust dude is really popular, but now’s the time to hit him up about the things you’re hoping to receive this year. Don’t forget to take “affordable wireless” off the list, since we’ve got you covered there.

2. Bake Holiday Cookies

Who doesn’t like having their house full of the smell of freshly baked cookies? People who are allergic to cookies, that’s who. So make this season extra special by picking up some holiday cookie dough, or if you’re an overachiever, make the cookies from scratch. Any flavor will do. Gingerbread, snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, or shortbread—go cookie crazy!

3. Hang Stockings

Since you’ve emailed Santa, now is the time to get out your stocking so the guy knows where to drop off your prezzies. Don’t have any holiday stockings? Just hang up some regular socks and call it a day.

4. Make An Ornament (Out Of Old SIM Cards)

Get in touch with your craftier side and recycle your adorable Mint products by using your SIM card as a festive ornament. All you need is a paperclip to loop through the hole and hang it from your tree, succulent, or doorway for some festive flair in a flash.

5. Sip On Hot Chocolate By The Fire

Hot chocolate or hot cocoa, whatever you call it, as long as it’s warm and chocolatey, we like it. Bring in a warm fire (or perhaps a pine-scented candle if you don’t have a fireplace) and some ugly holiday sweaters and you’ve got a popping good holiday party.

6. Have An Eggnog Drinking Contest

Just make sure there’s a bathroom nearby in case of any…intolerances.

7. Donate A Toy

The best way to get in on the holiday joy is by spreading the cheer around with a good deed. Thanks to charities like Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald house and SAFE, you can donate new toys to kids who need them most. Plus, it’s an easy thing to do to help your naughty/nice stats.

8. Chop Down Your Own Tree

Go full on lumberjack and enjoy the bragging rights that come with cutting down your own tree this year. Take caution, and follow the rules and make sure you only do this at a real tree farm.

9. Watch A Fav Holiday Movie

Home Alone, Elf, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Die Hard..the list of holiday gems goes on!

10. Make A Wreath For Your Front Door

One-up your neighbors by taking your wreath game to the next level by making one of these. Or you can get punny with this celeb-inspired décor. Wreath Witherspoon is our fav.

11. Make Your Own Snow

Live somewhere warm with no access to snow? Not a problem. Got some old phone bills and a shredder? Voila! Snow. You can also take things a step further (and yummier) by making your own snow-cone with these recipes from Buzzfeed.

12. Build A Snowman Or Snow Angel

If you do happen to live in a place that reaches 32° and stays there long enough for you to enjoy snow, get a carrot, some coal and make a real snowman. Plus, if you get tired, you can just lay down and make an angel.

Want some snowman inspiration? Check these out.

13. Make A Popcorn Garland For Your Tree (Or Just Eat Popcorn)

Ever notice how in holiday movies people are making their own popcorn garland? Well, not sure how anyone is able to keep from eating the garland right off the tree but okay. Maybe it’s better to just eat the popcorn because you know it’s gonna happen anyway.  

14. Wrap Presents (Also Out Of Old Phone Bills)

Get clever with your present wrapping: newspapers, word search paper and chalkboard wrapping paper are just a few of the fun ways to wrap your gifts on this list. You can also use your old phone bills, but you might want to cover up any important account info.

15. Save A Ton On Wireless With Mint Mobile.

There’s no way we couldn’t tell you about this opportunity to save more on wireless with a

Very holiday-esque deal: buy any plan for just $15/mo. We are so getting on the nice list.

Peace out!