20 Days Of Mintmas

This year we’re all about making the holidays even happier. First, we started giving out our Chrisma-crazy good deal of 3 months of 5GB 4G LTE/mo for only $20**. Then, we offered you a free 3-month 5GB plan with purchase of any new phone.

Now, in celebration of our holiday deal of 3 months 5GB 4G LTE/mo for $20 bucks, we’re going to give you—not 12—but 20 days of Mintmas giveaways!

Yup. Check our social media channels every day until December 24 and you could win some free stuff!

How do I win?

Follow us on any or all of our channels from the Twitter to the Facebook to the ‘Gram. We’ll be announcing various giveaways on a daily basis, but make sure to follow the rules for each channel so you don’t get scrooged out of free swag, plans and phones!

Check back every day to see what the daily giveaway is!

What do you want for Mintmas this year? Tell us in the comments below!  


**Unfortunately our Holiday Promo ended 1/1/2019