5 Myths About 5G: Debunked

You might have heard about 5G and how it’s going to change the future for the better. You might also have heard some rumors about how 5G is bad news. So let’s clear up some confusion around 5G and some of the false claims going ’round about it.

Cut to the chase – is 5G dangerous?

Like 2G, 3G, and 4G before it, 5G has been accused of being a threat to human health and safety. But there’s no conclusive evidence that 5G, like previous generations of network technology, is a threat to your health. 

Is 5G linked to COVID-19?

Probably one of the most alarming (and most unfounded rumors) about 5G is that it is a culprit for spreading coronavirus. According to the FEMA Coronavirus Rumor Control,

“5G technology does NOT cause coronavirus.”

Source: FEMA, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Phew, glad we got that cleared up.

Will I have to pay more for 5G?

Nope, nope, nope. We’re all about providing 5G for all, so 5G is included free on all Mint Mobile plans.

Will 5G replace 4G? Do I need a new phone to access 5G?

You will need a 5G phone to access a 5G network. That said, you won’t necessarily need a new phone to experience its benefits. 5G won’t be replacing 4G altogether, just as 3G continued after 4G became available. 5G is its own unique technology that builds on top of existing 4G networks. So even if you don’t have a 5G phone, you’re likely to benefit from this network technology advancement.

We hope we’ve cleared up some of your concerns about 5G. It’s not every day that a new generation of network technology becomes available, so get excited.

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