A Mint Spooky Story…With A Giveaway Ending

It’s Thursday night, and a strange mist takes over outside. You really wanted to go out tonight, but your friends were all busy. So instead, you stay at home and dive into the spooky section of Netflix. Popcorn is popped, feet kicked up and your fright-fest begins.

You watch the killer on TV go around hiding in gutters and creeping through yards with a hook, a knife, or a chainsaw. Then you remember a convict broke out of the local jail recently and could be prowling the streets, thirsty for the blood of someone…like you.

After a while your eyes get droopy. You want to warn the girl on screen not to enter the creepy house, but the workweek is catching up with you, and you fall asleep.

You wake to the flickering blue light of the tube, disoriented. The television whispers a static hum. Wait a second…you don’t even have cable. Your Smart TV must have somehow changed inputs.

You turn it off and make your way to the new mattress you recently got online. You flop down, assuming you’ll drift right back into sleep. But you don’t. In the kitchen, something stirs.

Probably just a hungry roommate you think. Until you remember your roommate is out of town.

You peer out from your bedsheets. Are those blinking eyes staring at you from outside the window, or is it just the reflection of the charging light from your Bluetooth speaker. You can’t be sure. So you tuck your head back in the sheet.

You pull out your phone, try to distract yourself by checking your feeds. That’s it! You’ll check the Mint Mobile social feed. Those Mintrospections always make you laugh. That’ll make you feel better.

Then…you see it.

That’s right, Mint Mobile is having a spooktacular giveaway the week before Halloween, so stay tuned to our social feeds to win!

Tips & Tricks to Win Mint Treats:

  • Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to participate
  • Check our feeds every day to learn how to win that day’s treat
  • Winners will be announced day by day through an edit on each post’s caption.

In the meantime, have fun with our iPhone stickers and GIFs to get you in the Halloween mood.

See you in the (spider) webs!

Creep it real.