How To Get A FREE Year of Mint Mobile

Starting on October 29, we are taking FREE to an entirely different level with our new, even friendlier, Refer-A-Friend program.

Now, when you refer 5 friends to Mint, you’ll earn enough renewal credit to get a FREE year of our 8GB/mo plan. That’s $240, BTW. And don’t worry, any renewal credits you’ve earned won’t disappear.

The free doesn’t stop there. We will still be giving your friend $15 credit towards their first renewal too. It’s definitely a win-win-win…for you, your friend, and your wallet. So get your unique link and get referring!

Wondering how 5 referrals ends up earning you a whole year of 8GB 4G LTE per month?

Here’s The Renewal Credit Breakdown:

$240 in renewal credit = 1 FREE year of our 8GB/mo plan for just referring 5 friends.

Or you can use that $240 renewal credit to any plan of your choosing, because we are cool like that.  

Here’s How To Refer 5 Friends and Get a Year of 8GB 4G LTE for FREE:

  1. Share your unique referral code with a friend by email, text or on your social channels. You’ll find it in account management. 
  2. 15 days after your friend activates their plan, we’ll add the renewal credit into your account. 
  3. Repeat with 4 more friends until you get a year FREE.

Get all the deets at

There you have it. Feel free to spread the word to your very own fav five about our Refer a Friend Program. Then high fives to all of you.