OMGB! Our Plans Just Got An Upgrade

Calling all data-lovers!

Boom. Our new dynamite plans are jam-packed with more gigabytes than ever! Since we’re giving you more gigabytes than ever before, you’re getting more value than ever before. You get an upgrade, you get an upgrade, YOU get an upgrade!

More Data, More Fun

All 3 of our plans are now being supersized with more high-speed data each month so you can keep playing your favorite games, streaming your favorite shows and bump your favorite tunes!

As always, all new high-speed data amounts are at blazing fast 4G LTE speeds.

Plan Upgrades

The 2GB plan will now offer 3GB.

The 5GB plan will now offer 8GB.

The 10GB plan will now offer 12GB

Let’s all scream for streaming!

What’s even better? The 12-month plan is NOT going up in cost! Make the switcheroo to our 12-month plan to get the best deal in wireless and enjoy having no phone bill for a year! #nobillchill

All Mint Mobile plans still include all these foxy features: unlimited* talk and text, free calling to Mexico and Canada, mobile hotspot capability and premium nationwide coverage on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network! And let’s not forget more goodies like WiFi talk and text, visual voicemail for iOS users and the most adorable mascot in the universe—just saying.
*first 35GB at 5G • 4G LTE speeds

But why?

We’re all about staying ahead of the curve for our tech-savvy, data-loving, clever shopping customers—you! And hey, you’re actually getting MORE bang for your buck!

We’re proud to continue offering the best deal in the mobile universe and we’re glad you’re in on it with us!

Got questions? Let’s hear ‘em in the comments below!