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How to pick the best family phone plan

Ready to make the leap from your single line phone plan to a family plan? Whether you just created a family of your own (if so, congrats), you’re finally ready to take your relationship to the next level with your SO, or you just think it’d be easier if you and your roommate were on... Read more

Do iPhones have SIM cards? What size do you need?

Like all wireless devices, iPhones have SIM cards of varying sizes. That’s because SIM cards are absolutely necessary to use mobile services on your phone if they run on the GSM (no clue what that is? Find out more with our blog on GSM vs CDMA). A GSM phone without a SIM card would be... Read more

What is stored on a SIM card?

Maybe you just found out what a SIM card is, or maybe you’re swapping cards and you’re curious what’s actually going on inside your SIM card. The answer is that SIM cards store data specific to you, the phone user, including things like your phone number.  SIM cards also have an ID number, or international... Read more

What you need to know about the 3G shutdown

If you don’t keep up with the news, you might not have heard of the 3G shutdown. This year, all nationwide wireless providers are sunsetting their 3G networks. Any phones that run exclusively on these networks will no longer be able to make or receive calls, or use other data services, including emergency services. Basically,... Read more

What really happens when you switch your SIM card

You may already know what a SIM card is and how to remove yours from your iPhone or Android device. But you’re probably wondering what exactly happens when you move your SIM card to another phone or get a new SIM card altogether. The short answer? Not much. All the really important stuff is either... Read more