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Dad’s Most #ThatsNotRight Moments

For Father’s Day, we want to hear all about your Dad. Share your dad’s most #thatsnotright moments on social to win a new NUU Mobile USA phone PLUS a free year of Mint Mobile service for you AND your dad. Just be sure you’re following Mint Mobile and NUU Mobile on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Quirky habits? Shameless dad jokes? Let’s hear it. Winner will... Read more

OMGB! Our Plans Just Got An Upgrade

  Calling all data-lovers! Boom. Our new dynamite plans are jam-packed with more gigabytes than ever! Since we’re giving you more gigabytes than ever before, you’re getting more value than ever before. You get an upgrade, you get an upgrade, YOU get an upgrade!   More Data, More Fun All 3 of our plans are now... Read more

Choosing The Best Wireless Plan For You

So, you’ve decided to switch wireless carriers. Maybe you’ve decided to get off that family plan or you finally realized that you’ve been overpaying for wireless since, like, forever. Congratulations, oh wise one, but where should you start to find your next plan? With so many different plans out there to choose from, it’s important... Read more