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Why is my battery draining so fast? And how can I fix it?

By Josh Levesque

Originally published November 30, 2023


Last Updated February 8, 2024

Mint Fox with a phone that is low on battery

Do you find yourself asking, “Why is my battery draining so fast?” earlier each day? You left the house this morning with your phone at 100% power, but your commute and a quick coffee run has you already down to 62% before lunch. Over time, phone battery drain can creep up on us, and before you know it, you’re scrambling for a charger before your favorite podcast host has even had a chance to finish reading the very organic message from their underwear sponsor. Fortunately, many of the things that have your phone battery draining so fast are easily identifiable and can be fixed with a few changes to your phone settings or usage habits.  

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Why is my phone dying so fast?

There are many reasons why your phone battery might be draining so quickly, but some are far more avoidable than others. Here are the most common reasons why your phone dies faster than a nameless character in a slasher film.

App settings can contribute to phone battery drain

Background apps

Any apps actively updating in the background are essentially little battery vampires inside your phone. Lurking unseen in the shadows, slowly draining your phone of its lifeforce…er, battery power.

Location tracking apps

Any apps that track your location can also slowly drain your battery, even when you aren’t using them. Apple Maps is an obvious one, but food delivery apps, social media apps, dating apps and some others might also be tracking your location. 

Too many app notifications

If you’re constantly swiping away notifications, this could be a factor in why your battery life continues to dwindle. Every push notification takes a little battery power, and that adds up pretty quickly.

Graphic showing that phone settings can contribute to your battery draining fast

Phone settings can contribute to your battery draining fast

Wi-Fi is always on

While it may seem like the more convenient option, leaving your Wi-Fi on all the time means your phone is constantly looking for a Wi-Fi network to connect to, which takes energy to do.

Bluetooth is always on

Similar to what we said about Wi-Fi, having your Bluetooth on at all times also uses up battery life by constantly broadcasting and seeking a connection.  

Phone screen brightness

The brighter your phone display is, the more battery power it requires to light it up.

Phone software and hardware can affect battery life

Outdated software

An older operating system may be keeping your phone from working as efficiently as it would on the latest version. 

Old battery

Lithium ion batteries, the most common batteries used in wireless phones, last about 2-3 years on average. The older a battery is, the more difficulty it has retaining a charge.

Mint Fox with tips on how to make your battery last longer

How to make your battery last longer 

We’ve gone over the why, so it’s time to dive into the how. Once you know the potential issues to look for, you can start taking the necessary troubleshooting steps to make your battery life last a bit longer. 

Manage app settings

Go into your phone’s settings menu and select “Battery” (if you have iPhone) or “Device Care” (if you have an Android phone). Then tap on the battery optimization option to close apps running in the background. You may also want to turn off background app refresh to really keep that battery going. 

Adjust your location settings

You can turn off your phone’s location entirely by searching for “Location” or “Location Services” in the settings menu. If you’re not ready to go full off-grid mode, you can also change the location tracking permissions on an app-by-app basis. 

Limit push notifications

Those notifications you swipe away every day? The ones you haven’t clicked on since you bought the phone? Go into your settings and select “Notifications” to turn those off entirely so you only get notifications you really care about.

Turn off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth when you aren’t using them

Sure, it’ll cost you a couple extra seconds to turn them back on when you need them, but you might be shocked at how much battery life it could save you.   

Lower your screen brightness

Find “Display” or “Display & Brightness” in your settings menu to lower the brightness of your screen. You can also enable the “auto-brightness” feature to have your display adjust itself based on light levels. 

Keep your software up to date

Ensuring you have the latest operating system means your phone is operating as efficiently as possible, which is much easier on your battery.  

Replace your phone battery

If your device allows it, getting a new battery can be a more affordable option as opposed to getting a whole new phone. 

Low energy mode

In a pinch, you can always turn on “Battery Saver” or “Low Power Mode” to stretch out your current battery life. Enabling this feature will cause your phone to automatically apply certain changes, like limiting notifications and lowering your screen brightness, to make the little juice you have left last a bit longer. 

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