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What you should know about Mint Mobile’s Refer a Friend program

By Mint Fox

Originally published August 30, 2022


Last Updated March 20, 2024

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If you’re an existing Mint Mobile customer, you probably came to Mint for the affordable phone plans (or the Ryan Reynolds voicemails). And if you’re looking to make the switch, you’re probably looking for the same thing. But what you may not know is that we also have a Refer a Friend (RAF) program that rewards you for rescuing friends from big wireless, keeping even more money in your pocket. Here are a few things you should know about RAF-ing and making a Mint Mobile referral.

What is Mint Mobile’s Refer a Friend program?

Our Refer a Friend program is a way to earn credits for you and your friend when you refer them to Mint–that’s right, you both get credit. And that credit goes toward your renewal, which means even more savings tacked on to your existing savings. It’s also a great way to stick it to big wireless and all of their myths.

What does an existing user get if a friend signs up?

You’ll get Mint credit equivalent to their first payment based on whichever plan your pal chooses. So, if they choose a…

  • 5GB plan, you get $45 in credit
  • 15GB plan, you get $60 in credit
  • 20GB plan, you’ll get $75 in credit
  • Unlimited Plan*, you’ll get $90 in credit

Since you can refer 4 friends annually, in total you can earn up to $360 in credit. That’s some good math. And just another way Mint helps you keep more of your money.

What’s in it for new Mint customers?

If a friend brings you over to Mint, you’ll get a sweet $15 in credit just for using their Friendbuy referral link. Plus, once you’ve made the switch, you can start referring friends yourself and rack up even more credit. Oh, and you’ll also have an award-winning wireless plan, so that’s pretty cool.

How does the Mint Mobile Refer a Friend program work?

If you’re a new customer, all you need to do is plug in your friend’s number during the checkout process, as shown here:

Shopping cart screenshot of 5GB plan
Image showing the Mint Mobile shopping cart page with the area to enter a friend's number highlighted

If you’re an existing customer, all you have to do is share your referral link with a friend. Your unique renewal link can be found either via the Mint Mobile app or Once they activate, you’ll get Mint credit and they’ll get $15. Talk about your classic win-win.

How is Mint’s program different from other Refer a Friend programs?

One major way our Refer a Friend program differs is that, well, it exists. Many big wireless companies don’t offer referral rewards, or if they do, it’s only for a limited time. At Mint, you can RAF all year long if you want to. And not leave your friends behind.

Ready to get RAF-ing?

Now that you know all the rad ways existing customers and new customers can benefit, get started with the Mint Mobile Refer a Friend program and rescue your friends from big wireless today.

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*New activation & upfront payment for 3-month plan req’d. Taxes & fees extra. Addt’l restrictions apply. Unlimited customers using >40GB/mo will experience lower speeds. Videos stream at ~480p. See terms.

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