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How Mint Mobile helped a saving expert save even more

By Ashley Burnett

Originally published May 31, 2024


Last Updated June 3, 2024

How Mint Mobile helped the saving expert save even more

When it comes to spending, people tend to think quality and price go hand in hand: if the price of something is higher, it’s probably a better product. But that isn’t necessarily true — especially when it comes to your wireless (and those $60 T-shirts and $10 lattes). That’s why, at Mint, we offer premium wireless for, well, less. 

But we get it. That’s us talking. And you don’t want to hear from us — you want to hear from a real-life Mint customer. So meet Tatiana, a personal finance and credit coach from Chicago.

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Finding an affordable phone plan without sacrificing quality

When it comes to savings, Tatiana is already an expert. As a personal finance and credit coach, she helps her clients and followers learn good financial habits and save money wherever they can. As Tatiana says, “Credit is directly tied to most of your life goals, and that is not an exaggeration.”

As a coach, Tatiana makes videos highlighting different strategies and services people can use to save money.  “A lot of people don’t realize that there are alternatives out there,” she says. “So I bring them that information in hopes that they trust me and that they go with what my recommendations are.”

Enter Mint. Once Tatiana found out about Mint, it was savings at first sight. “I think I was expecting something for it to be like a lower tier cell service because of the price, but it was operating exactly the same, if not better, than my previous carriers,” Tatiana says.

The saving expert says how Mint was operating exactly the same if not better than her previous carriers

Reliable service and flexibility

But while savings is important to Tatiana, it is equally important that her service be reliable and keep up with all of her content creator needs.

“Being a content creator, I need my service to be reliable, which Mint is,” Tatiana says. “I seriously haven’t had any problems with the service, even uploading videos.” (It probably helps that with her 5G device, she’s able to access the nation’s largest 5G network.)

Plus, if Tatiana ever finds herself uploading more videos, she has the flexibility to change her data plan as needed and add more data. Or, if she finds herself uploading less, she can go back down in data. And while she’s currently on a phone plan for one, if she ever needs to add someone else to her plan, she can start up a Mint Family with just one other person.

But she may have to hold off on the Mint Family for a bit. Tatiana has tried hard to convince others who are skeptical when she mentions Mint’s affordability without sacrificing reliability.  

“I have tried to refer quite a few people to Mint Mobile,” she says. “But I think people honestly believe it’s too good to be true. They really think there’s some catch, but there honestly isn’t a catch.”

The saving expert says how "Being a content creator, I need my service to be reliable, which Mint is"

Want to become a savings expert like Tatiana

Take Tatiana’s advice and switch to Mint. “Mint Mobile is exactly the same service as your current provider, if not better, and it’s a lot cheaper, and it’s a simpler app, and there’s 100% transparency. It’s always going to be the same amount you signed up for, every single month. I love them.”

And while there may be a few bad things about Mint, there are plenty of ways Mint can help you, too. And if you’re a student or have a student in your life, check out Ovid’s story to learn how Mint helped him achieve his wireless needs, scholastic and otherwise.

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