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How this NYC student saved big by doing one thing: switching to Mint

By Courtney Prather

Originally published May 9, 2024


Last Updated May 9, 2024

How this NYC student saved big by doing one thing: switching to Mint

For many students around the country, finding a phone plan that’s affordable and reliable can be a challenge, especially for students living in one of the most expensive cities in America, like New York. That was the case for Ovid, an Austrian student who moved to New York City to study journalism. Luckily for Ovid, that’s where Mint Mobile came in. Keep reading to see in his own words what made Ovid go with Mint.

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Finding an affordable phone plan for a student budget

Being so far from home, it was important that Ovid stay connected with friends and family members abroad while also having an affordable wireless plan to minimize unnecessary costs. 

“Living and studying in New York,” Ovid said when he sat down with our team, “it’s expensive. You gotta save money wherever you can.”

With the cost of tuition, books, housing and daily living expenses, it was critical for Ovid to find an option that worked for his budget as a student.

“Before I came to Mint, I really wasn’t into paying $120 a month,” Ovid said, “so in the end it was the affordability, and you hear good things about (Mint Mobile).”

Wondering how Mint is so affordable? We cut unnecessary overhead costs where we can, and pass the savings onto you with our buy in bulk biz model helps you save more too.

The benefits of buying wireless data in bulk:
More savings
More flexibility
No monthly wireless bills
Same great service

With bulk pricing, the more months you buy up front, the more you save. Plus you never have to worry about any surprise subscription fees or long contracts since you’re only paying for what you need. 

We recommend starting with our New Customer Offer plan for the first three months, then if you like that, sign up for another 12 months for the biggest savings (and no-bill chill for a year).

Plus all our plans are available for purchase online at and through our retail partners like Best Buy and Target, if you have an eSIM-compatible phone, you can activate in minutes. So when you’re fed up with overpaying for wireless you can head to our website, pick a plan and activate it just like that (thanks eSIM technology). 

While Ovid opted for a phone plan for one, Mint also has affordable and flexible Mint Family plans, great for students who want to go in on a plan together. Mint Family plans are available from 2-5 lines, and cost as low as $15/mo per line for a 3-month plan (upfront payment of only $45 which equals only $15 a month per line). Plus, when you start a Mint Family plan you can get access to our lowest pricing for the initial three months and can continue the savings by opting for a 12-month plan. Because the friends that save together, stay together.

Reliable service for an on-the-go lifestyle

Now, back to Ovid and his wireless savings journey. Being in NYC, Ovid is often on the go, traveling on the subway, moving from building to building, and surrounded by skyscrapers, so having reliable service was a non-negotiable. 

And as a journalism student, it’s essential to Ovid to be able to stay up to date on current events and world news–all of which he is able to access on his phone thanks to Mint Mobile’s coverage on the nation’s largest 5G network. 

“I like the reliability. I have great coverage wherever I am. When I’m on a subway, when I’m out and about.”

All Mint Mobile plans include:
Unlimited talk and text
High speed data
Free calling to Mex, Can, and UK
Instand plan activation
Free Mobile Hotspot
Wi-Fi Calling

All Mint Mobile plans come with high-speed data and free access to the T-Mobile 5G Network (with a 5G-compatible device). Your Mint service will automatically provide the fastest network connection available based on your location, switching from 5G to 4G LTE, whichever signal is strongest to provide the most optimal network connection. 

Our plans also offer free Wi-Fi calling, which basically enables you to use Wi-Fi for phone calls, saving your monthly data for heavy data usage apps like Instagram, or Hulu.

Phone plan benefits that help with student living

While cost and reliability are important to most people when it comes to wireless, it was especially true for Ovid as a journalism student. For his lifestyle, having excellent coverage was an absolute must-have so he can stay up to date on world events, class assignments, and keep in touch with family back in Europe. 

“Since I’m a journalism student, I need to stay on top of what’s happening in the world right now. I use my phone a lot for research, looking stuff up on the Internet to stay informed on world politics. I use my phone to read the news and work for college, write essays, write articles, and send them in.”

Because of Ovid’s on-the-go lifestyle, a big data plan like Unlimited works best for him, but Mint’s flexible data plans make it easy to change data plans as needed. We’ll even keep you up to date on your data usage and if a smaller data plan would fit your needs better, we’ll recommend the switch (yes, even if that means you paying us less… seriously).  

All Mint Mobile plans also come with free mobile hotspot, which is great for studying where Wi-Fi isn’t available. And of course unlimited talk and text so you can keep in touch with your new friends as well as friends and family. 

While students might use their Mint plan for keeping on top of school, you’ll also want to have a great reliable wireless plan for the fun stuff. 

“I use my phone to wind down with some videos.. and of course music. So yeah, I use my phone a lot,” Ovid said. 

Our variety of data plans are great for students hooked on music, the latest hot shows, and for websleuths’ latest craze. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got a plan for you.

A score of A+ to a paper that is titled "Mint Mobile is a great choice"

Switching to Mint can help you get an A+ in Wireless Savings 101

Ovid has been a Mint customer for two years now, and says he’s recommended it to other international residents to help them save money on wireless. 

“I know a lot of people that moved over from Europe to the United States, and I always tell them to get Mint. It’s reliable, it’s fast, it’s super affordable. You know, you can’t beat Mint.”

If you’re a student and want to learn more about affordable wireless plans, check out our article on the best phone plans for college students.

But if you’re still wondering is Mint Mobile good? check out our page below to hear what other real Mint customers have to say about their experience. 

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