What is Mint Mobile’s free trial?

It might be hard to believe that Mint Mobile’s premium wireless plans are, well, premium at just $15 dollars a month. Luckily, with our 7-day free Mint trial you can see for yourself if we’re Mint to be before committing to a full plan. Commitment phobes, rejoice. You can learn more about our free trial or just keep scrolling your eyes down the page. 

If you want to learn more before you commit to our commitment-free trial, here are our frequently asked questions about the trial itself.

What comes with Mint Mobile’s Free 7-Day trial?

The free trial includes 250 minutes, 250 texts and 250MB of data (5G • 4G LTE) to use.

Can I get more than one free trial?

Nope, sorry. Only one Mint Free Trial is allowed per customer.

Is international calling part of the trial?

During the trial period, you can make free international calls to Mexico and Canada, using the 250 minutes included in the trial. When you sign up for a full Mint Mobile plan, you can make international calls to the rest of the world (rates apply).

What do I need to try Mint Mobile for free?

All you need is a credit card, an email address, and a compatible unlocked phone. To check your phone’s compatibility, enter your phone model in our compatibility checker at the top of our free trial page.

Why is my credit card needed for a free trial?

A valid credit card is required to activate your trial plan and set up your account. Your card will not be charged at all during the trial, and it won’t be automatically charged once the trial has ended. If Mint works for you, simply buy a full plan using the card on file.

How do I confirm my phone is compatible for the free trial?

Your phone needs to support 5G or 4G LTE and VoLTE. If you’re not sure what the fox VoLTE is, then we have an easy-to-use tool that allows you to check. To check your phone’s compatibility, enter your phone model in our compatibility checker at the top of our free trial page. Spoiler alert: we hope we’re a match.

How long after ordering before I can start my free trial?

If your phone supports eSIM (short for embedded SIM) you will be able to activate your trial immediately without having to use a physical SIM. If you need a physical SIM card, we’ll ship you one that you should get in about 2 business days.

Will the free trial disrupt my current service?

Not at all. You can switch back to your current service at any time. Once you see for yourself that Mint works for you, you can upgrade to a full plan and bring your current phone number over, or keep the new one we gave you.

Do I have to transfer my current phone number for the free trial?

Also no. You’ll get a new number to use when you activate the Mint Free Trial. Kind of like taking a new number out for a test drive. When you upgrade to a full plan, you can then transfer your current number or keep the new one we gave you.

What happens at the end of my seven days?

All good things must come to an end, including your trial period. After seven days, and if you dug us, it’s time to sign up for a full plan. You can upgrade to a full plan right in the Mint Mobile app.

We hope this information has relieved any commitment anxiety and that you’ll give us a shot. Happy wireless trails. 

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